Southfork builds 112 different models ranging from 12' to 26' in length and with bottom widths ranging from 42" to 72". Types of boats include those for commercial use and pleasure in the following styles: Flat Bottom, V Bottom, Cab Boats, Surface Drive Mud Boats, V-F Flat Bottom, Tunnel Hull, Fan Tail, and Work Boats.



Standard options include your choice of:

  • One or two cross seats

  • 17" or 21" transom

  • Colors: brown, green, or no paint

  • Storage under the front deck

  • Front Decks from 36" to 50" depending on the size of the boat


Custom Options include:

  • Custom deck lids

  • Live wells and pumps

  • Extra knee brace

  • Splash wells with full rear deck

  • Trolling motor wiring and plug 12-24

  • Tunnel hulls that are vented

  • Pedestal bases - aluminum or stainless

  • Six different center and side consoles

  • Gun boxes

  • Fan tails

  • Pontoons

  • Metal floors and sides all welded in with floatation (no screws or rivets to worry about)

  • Lights

  • Bilge pump

  • Extra handles or bow eyes

  • Mud rails

  • Leaning post

  • Extra cross seat

  • Trolling motor bracket

  • Steering chase for center consoles

  • Throttle bracket

  • Polling platform

  • Floatation side seats

  • Drop front deck

  • Rear deck with one center door

  • Rear deck with live well or storage

  • Bow Missouri style deck with full like over storage

  • Dry box or live well in cross seat

  • Side seat live well or dry storage

  • Live well or dry storage in center console

  • Non skid surface

Mudd Boat standard features include:

  • Ribs on 10" centers

  • 2 Outside bottom keels

  • 1 center keel

  • 52" front deck that is open under deck for fuel tank and two knee braces

  • PVC pipe running down side for wiring

  • 1 rear bench seat

  • built out of 100 gauge aluminum

Mudd Boat options include all above listed optional features.

Southfork Custom Boat Manufacturing, Inc.

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